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Welcome To Moto Central


We strive to offer you the best tracks and the best experiences. We have accumulated many years of knowledge creating tracks and teaching people to ride and we can't wait to share our vision with you. As with everything, it will always be a work in progress and, while it's impossible to be all things to all people, we're pretty sure you'll find something for you here. And don't forget, we welcome your feedback, both good and bad.

Lap Times

XC Loop

Jan 28 2019Brandon GivenCRF45013:45
Nov 7 2018Jason DavisKTM45013:50
Oct 17 2018Chris PowerCRF45015:02
Nov 7 2018Carl SteadmanYZ250X15:52
Nev 12Hannah RushworthEvo12517:26
Nev 12Daniel HerbertKTM25017:28
Dec 19 2018Glen NorrisKTM25019:11
Dec 3John RushworthCRF23032:16
Nov 7 2018Jared HealeyYZ250Flat Tyre

MX Track

Jan 19 2019Kane Lamont1:24
Dec 28 2018Blake GillardKTM 250SX1:25
Dec 2017Ryan HoskinsKXF2501:27
Dec 22 2018James McNabneyCRF4501:28
Clive TarryYZF4501:32
Daniel HoskinsYZF2501:35
Logan HoskinsKX852:08

These times are just here for fun. They may or may not be what really happened. We'll never know...

Hours & Facilities

What we offer you

Normal Hours

  • See Facebook page for winter hours.
  • Or ring Pam or Daniel on 027 256 6778


  • Mini/Learners track
  • 2 km Mini/Learner Cross Country Loop
  • Groomed & Irrigated MX Track
  • PRO MX Track
  • Cross Country Track (approx 15kms)


  • Drinks & Snack Food
  • Spare tubes, spark plugs,levers, nuts & bolts etc
  • Compressor
  • Kitchen/Clubhouse
  • Flush Toilets
  • Water Blaster
  • Large Car Park

If you want to ride when we are closed, get hold of us. As long as we are here and not working on the tracks we may be able to accommodate you.

What people say

Our Clients
Summer Muru

You guys are bloody amazing! Track was sick and loop was so good! I enjoyed my time there and I’m sure my uncle did as well even tho had a pretty good stack over table top. No Broken bones so everything is sweet apart from snapped levers. Thank you, deffs be coming back more often

Our Clients
Peter Broxholme

Great to be back at this handy location with fun tracks and owners that went above and beyond to make it deserve five stars.

Our Clients
Jon Refoy

The park is at its best and looks to be getting better. Groomed tracks. Clean toilets and friendly staff. Will definitely be back again !


Quality riding at an affordable price

$ 30.00
15 yrs and under
$ 10.00
Mini Track only


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Moto Central137 McDonald Mine Road Huntly 3771New Zealand

Phone: 027 2566 778